Pick Your Own Sweet Cherries RSVP
Pick Your Own Sweet Cherries RSVP
Pick Your Own Sweet Cherries RSVP
Pick Your Own Sweet Cherries RSVP

Pick Your Own Sweet Cherries RSVP

$ 3.00

Pick your own fruit is the perfect way to experience our orchard. We love sharing our traditions and life with you. Sweet cherries are the first of our fruits available for our guests to hand-harvest from late June through mid July (mother nature dependent).

We politely ask a small fee of $3 per person (ages 5+) to secure your reservation for orchard entry so we can ensure that your experience is safe and full of fun.  RSPVs help also hep us assure everyone has an opportunity to pick their own cherries and the orchards do not become overcrowded and over-picked. 

RSVPs are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Thanks for your understanding in keeping your commitment out of respect for the limited capacity we have!  If you have extenuating circumstances, please shoot us an email, otherwise, we'll count on you showing up.  

PYO Cherries are sold by the pound @ $4.00 / pound.

When you get to the farm, please check in at the Market Barn Sales Counter and our staff will give you guidance on how to pick our cherries and even escort you to the best picking spots!  Directions to the Farm can be found here.  Please enter off Mason Road and park at the new Market Barn.

Ripening and Storage Guidelines:
* Fresh sweet cherries are firm, plum, and juicy; if you're picking correctly, they should be ripe and ready to eat.
* Please store your freshly picked cherries in an air-tight container in your refrigerator when you get home.
* Wash your fruit before eating it & enjoy within 5-7 days.
* Fresh cherries “can” be stored in your freezer if you want to stock up!

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