We love working with small businesses and large corporations alike to help you recognize those special clients and give the gift of HEALTH during the holidays.  Please email applebox@quarryhillorchards.com or call Brooke at (602) 686-7766 for inquiries and corporate pricing.


"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the apple gift boxes that arrived today!   The Evercrisp apples are beautifully packed in  attractive gift boxes.  We can’t wait to offer them as gifts to friends.  All is perfect!"

"I truly appreciate the incredible packages you sent out for me and want you to know how overwhelmingly positive the comments were from all my clients!"

"We both treasure the crate. It’s absolutely gorgeous and completely reusable. This was a perfect gift and super convenient. I’m considering gifting one to myself…"

"I received a lovely crate of 20 apples as a Christmas gift and I just wanted to let you know that I have LOVED every apple. I saved the enclosed legend and plan to have it framed because the art work is so lovely. I will fast become a shopper, thanks for the beautiful packing and its contents." 

"The box looks like it’s from Saks." 

"The apples are SO good. It’s amazing how different they are from each other and interesting to read about them. I may have been a foodie all this time without even knowing." 

"We loved the apples almost as much as we love the crate!!" 

"What a delightful surprise to receive your Orchard Box on Friday!!! The crate itself is a keepsake, notwithstanding the fabulous apples, plus a jar of Black Raspberry Jam — a befitting name! We feel so honored to receive such a lovely gift & are simply overwhelmed!" 

"I did something I will forever regret. I was so excited I removed the apples from the box before I realized the labeling. That is so brilliant, having all those varieties labeled right there. I was tempted to go to Jane’s house and replace the apples like a puzzle. Instead, we enjoyed apples at random. Maybe that was better. I tried to guess what we were eating."